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Kianco Energy Company

Kianco Energy vision is to be world premier integrated Energy company, focused on operational excellence and high growth, with the assets, people and financial strength to compete globally.

Kianco Energy produces the energy that is refined into products that consumers use to fuel their vehicles, heat their homes, and power their schools, hospitals and businesses worldwide. By investing in technology, Kianco is working to ensure our products are developed in an environmentally responsible way, while also meeting consumer expectations for high-quality, competitively priced and safe products.

Efficient power generation involves converting as much of the primary energy used in a power plant as possible into electricity and usable heat. Increasing efficiency in fossil fuel power plants by just a few percentage points can save substantial resources and significantly decrease CO2 emissions. In case of renewable energy sources, the efficiency determines the costs of energy generation and thereby how competitive they are compared to conventional power plants.


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