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The growing demand for energy combined with increasingly limited natural resources are challenging energy suppliers, industry as well as consumers to use energy as efficiently and sustainably as possible. Energy efficiency affects all forms of energy conversion: From efficient generation to the transportation and distribution of electrical energy and heat, to the efficient use of energy in industry, buildings, and mobility.

With today’s technology, the potential savings are enormous. Kianco Energy offers a wide ranges of product and services for various applications and power generation to customers and are a one-stop-shop for onshore and offshore solutions through providing efficiency enhancing services & software to the oil & gas, coal chemical & chemical industries.

Kianco is committed to being a part of sustainable development with focus on energy generation and transmission but also on industry and buildings.

Efficient power generation involves converting as much of the primary energy used in a power plant as possible into electricity and usable heat. Increasing efficiency in fossil fuel power plants by just a few percentage points can save substantial resources and significantly decrease CO2 emissions. In case of renewable energy sources, the efficiency determines the costs of energy generation and thereby how competitive they are compared to conventional power plants.


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